Two-Piece Gown: Trends

In order to fit in to the rustic, bohemian style some of these venues have to offer, brides are changing up the wedding norms and stepping outside their comfort zones. In many different ways this has become apparent, like flower arrangements and lawn games, but the most appealing style to us right now is the two-piece wedding gown set, ESPECIALLY lace. This is mostly seen at a more casual wedding ceremony, like on the beach, but now brides are getting very creative.The two-piece set is absolutely gorgeous and could be just as ravishing as any normal wedding gown if you chose the right brand. You can never go wrong with lace and Free People has many lovely lace sets. This trend is a great change of pace for a ordinary wedding ceremony, it brings excitement to the guest’s eyes as the bride walks down the aisle! This bohemian feel is very elegant but brings style to the ceremony. Every bride wants “all eyes on her” and if your someone who wants to push it to the limit, a delicate, lace, two-piece set is the best way to do it !!

Featured Brands and Photos: Free People, PinterestRiki Dalal  

2peice Riki-Dalal-Wedding-Dress-1 two piece twopiece couple

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#Hashtag: Trends

What is something you simply cannot forgot to do before your wedding day? Check with your vendors? Pack for your honeymoon? Try on your dress? NOPE.  Create the infamous hashtag!!

Creating a hashtag for your wedding day is very important. By including your hashtag in your post, it gives your guests, and others that did not attend, a chance to look at all of the pictures that were uploaded.  This has been a trend for a while now but the new entertaining thing to do is to create a more versatile hashtag; more than just #weregettingmarried. People are going ALL out for this! There are even “hashtag generators” so you can type in the name of the bride and groom and even the wedding date, and wala you have your own personal hashtag that is cute, fun, and catchy.

If you wanted to think of one on your own there are many ways to do it. One simple way to do it is find something that rhymes with the groom’s last name and add a wedding word like “hitched” “love” etc. It will then be catchy and easy to find on Instagram or even Twitter. It is your chance to get creative!

This is something that is really booming in the wedding world and is a fun way to get everyone involved. Thinking of the perfect hashtag is definitely not easy, but once you have it, it will make for the perfect caption on your wedding day. Featured Photos: Pop Sugar, Pinterest

hashtag1 hashtag2hashtaghashtag2hashtag3

Meet the Interns!

Meet Becca:

Hello! The name’s Rebecca Frilot, born and raised in Corona, CA to two phenomenal parents who sacrificed countless weekends for school and sporting events; who without, I would not be where I am today. Despite being the youngest in a very tight-knit, boisterous family, the love, humor, and support of an older brother and cousins has fostered my passion for sports and people. When I’m not channeling my competitiveness into sports or academics, my concentration turns to my love for people and having an impact in their lives.

My journey to San Diego started when I embraced my passion for people and was accepted into the Hospitality and Tourism Management Program and San Diego State University. Currently in my final year of undergrad, I decided to push the limits taking 19 units, holding a job, and MOST exciting of all privileged to be selected for an internship with Personal Touch Dining.

Emphasizing in the Meetings and Events Industry in the Hospitality Program, this opportunity with Personal Touch Dining will be humbling. I am thrilled to be apart of such a passionate, successful team and cannot wait to build of the foundation of my academics and see where this experience takes me!

Favorite Move: Remember the Titans

Favorite Food: Anything wrapped in Bacon!

Dream Vacation Spot: Italy



Meet the Interns!

It’s the beginning of a new season, which means it is time to take a moment and introduce our new interns! Let’s learn a little bit about one of our new SDSU interns!!

Meet Gina:

Hi! My name is Gina Navarro and I was born and raised in Orange County, CA. Since I was young, my love for the ocean has never changed. Because of how close I lived to the beach; surfing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, and any other type of water sport was always a big passion for me. I have two older brothers, which I admire immensely, a mother that shares my second passion of yoga with me, and a loving father that is consistently pushing me to be the best I can be.


My major at San Diego State University is Recreation Tourism Management (which not a lot of people have heard of). I fell into this major on complete accident. Hospitality was a huge part of my life, always working in restaurants and helping out events for restaurants as well. After taking one class in RTM, I knew this was the major for me.


This last semester, I spent 5 months studying abroad in Florence, Italy. It was the most amazing experience and I learned more in those 5 months than I could have ever imagined. After taking an event planning course while I was there, I decided when I returned home, I would be on the hunt for the perfect internship in event planning. I could not be more excited about the opportunity to be one of two interns at Personal Touch Dining!! I learn something new every time I come into the office whether it be blogging for the different venues, or learning what goes on to coordinate the ideal wedding. I feel extremely grateful to be a part of the Personal Touch family.


Favorite Movie: Harry Potter (all of them of course)

Favorite Food: Italian food is the best.

Dream Vacation Spot: Maldives!!!



Flower Arrangements: A Trend Different From The Rest

Sometimes it is hard to break away from the traditional bouquet trends… Modern, nicely put together, and color coordinated is a style we have always been very comfortable with. But recently there has been a new trend in town! Why settle for a flower arrangement that no one will remember? Not only are florists creating large and diverse bouquets, but brides are incorporating these wild flowers in their entire wedding décor as well. Table settings are different by adding runners of flowers instead of a traditional style of separate flowers down the table. Succulents are a very popular addition to the arrangement, and are even being added to the cake design as well. With florists adding succulents to any flower arrangement, they are automatically creating a very rustic feel, which complements our venue, Leo Carrillo Ranch, exceptionally well! Every bride wants their wedding to feel different, but more importantly; they want their wedding to feel more beautiful than all the rest. This new trend of gorgeous/bewildering flower arrangements, is a style that florists have gotten really creative with and we cannot wait to see what it leads to next!…

Featured Florists and Photographs: The Dainty Lion, Layered Vintage, Siren Floral Co., and Green Wedding Shoes

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

green wedding shoes2 layered vintage rusticboho-wedding-36 siren and floral siren floral the dainty lion