Elisa + Jay | A Cultural Affair | Leo Carrillo Ranch

We get the best of both of worlds when two cultures come together as one at the Ranch. To begin the nuptials,  E + J were joined by their close family in a private Traditional Tea Ceremony, followed by a second ceremony for the rest of their family and friends.  Pops of red, orange and yellow were vibrantly displayed throughout the venue, along with the classic Chinese Lanterns. This warm and positive couple surely knew how to keep a party going with their infectious smiles and enthusiasm on the dance floor. Many thanks to Studio 19 Photography for sharing snapshots of their big day with us.


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After the beautifully intricate beadwork and design on their Tea Ceremony outfits, E J changed into her alluring A-Line bridal gown while Jay fit handsomely in his tux accompanied by his very dapper bow tie! 😉

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Additional Vendors:

Catering: Personal Touch Dining

DJ: Sage Productions

Photobooth: No Ka ‘Oi Photobooth

Hillary + Cole | Everything Organic at the Ranch | Leo Carrillo Ranch

Get inspired because this couple brought an earthy, bohemian vibe to the Ranch. Everything that Acqua Photo captured on this day was brought to life with H & C’s raw and organic vision. The luscious floral and greenery displayed throughout the venue all done by the talented, The Dainty Lion. Textures of brass and copper complimented our farm tables for the reception, and we can not get over how timeless the wedding party looked from their lace to the dark blue suits. We were in awe how free spirited and lovely this couple was.

p2376140068-o477494346-4 p2376139042-o477494346-4 p2376136364-o477494346-4


p2376150830-o477494346-4 p2376151195-o477494346-4

p2376151488-o477494346-4 p2376151848-o477494346-4

p2376156265-o477494346-4 p2376156188-o477494346-4 p2376158080-o477494346-4 p2376161160-o477494346-4

The Ranch’s infamous Blue Door set the tone perfectly for these two and their Bridal Party.

p2376197253-o477494346-4 p2376196941-o477494346-4 p2376196484-o477494346-4

p2376194442-o477494346-4 p2376193626-o477494346-4

p2376204423-o477494346-4 p2376200094-o477494346-4 p2376200365-o477494346-4 p2376200864-o477494346-4 p2376200187-o477494346-4


p2376206659-o477494346-4 p2376229889-o477494346-4 p2376211650-o477494346-4p2376211881-o477494346-4 p2376211962-o477494346-4


Additional Vendors:

Catering: Personal Touch Dining

DJ: Sage Productions

Paige + Josh | A Detail Filled Wedding | Leo Carrillo Ranch

Goodbye June Gloom, Hello Sunshine! It was a gorgeous filled day with beautiful lighting, blooms and details surrounding the Ranch. We had the pleasure of  getting to know this dynamic duo and their vibrant son with their infectious smiles and kind hearts. The ever breathtaking floral with dripping greenery, from Hay Stack Floral, made a statement from start to finish. Dj Artistic kept the party going and, of course, the reason for witnessing this enchanting day, were the snapshots taken from Vacay Photo.

Houston_0504 Houston_0379 Houston_0376 Houston_0386 Houston_0510

When a family of 3, comes together as ONE. We can not get over how cute their family was and how special the unity of including him in their ceremony (while it lasted) 😉



Not only did Haystack Floral bring out the simplicity of the ceremony space with a garland, the bride and groom wanted to accent different textile rugs down their aisle from Adore Folklore.


We can not forget about the reception area; the details here brought out a whole new level of swoon.

Houston_0121 Houston_0118 Houston_0123 Houston_0089

Propped and set for their guests to enjoy was their Photo Bus from The Traveling Photo Bus, a lounge area from Adore Folklore, and even a cigar bar with personalized matches;

Everything picture perfect for the Ranch!

Houston_0080 Houston_0082 Houston_0085

And they definitely knew how to liven up their guests with their energy on the dance floor.

Houston_0200 Houston_0203 Houston_0978 Houston_0997 Houston_1086

Additional Vendors:

Catering- Personal Touch Dining

Bridal Party Galore at the Ranch

We’re all for the most important people by your side. Choosing the ones to support you, be that shoulder to cry on when you need it, and know how to share a good time with you,  are all top factors to your bridal party.  At the Ranch, we’ve witnessed it all.


KellyandBrandon760 (1)KellyandBrandon493

Having a full bridal party, like C + B  and K + B,  brings more energy and love to the Ranch.


When it comes to styling your wedding party, we always love those different color hues and patterns! From a mix of floral and pink at H & C’s wedding to  S + C’s wedding of different spring colors.



Can’t forget the ones who kept their A Team on the simple side like A + A and B + T.

20160806_JessicaandMike_Wedding-0188 20160806_JessicaandMike_Wedding-0272

 J + M shared their special day with their closest friends and family for “bridal party” photos, but kept their actual ceremony intimate to just the two of them.


Photo 1: PhotographyEmma Hopp Photography  Floral- Posies Flowers

Photo 2: Photography- Pauline Conway Photography Floral- KO Floral

Photo 3: Photography- Aga Jones Photography Floral- Kat Creations Floral Design

Photo 4: Photography- True Photography

Photo 5: Photography-  Sanford Creative Photo

Photo 6: Photography- Studio Castillero

Photo 7: Photography- Sean Walker Photography  Floral- The Flower Shop


Kelly + Brandon | A Love Bird Wedding | Leo Carrillo Ranch

Nothing beats romance at the Ranch, especially when our couple is as beautiful as this pair. Those gorgeous spring blooms made by KO Floral Designs filled our ceremony and reception space with pure magic, and of course, those bouquets complimented the bride and her girls with such admiration. Capturing this romantic affair was the brilliant Pauline Conway Photography.




Our courtyard was the perfect backdrop for their “first look”.

KellyandBrandon223 KellyandBrandon229


KellyandBrandon292 KellyandBrandon297


We always love the detail of a garland on our pepper tree. KO Floral gave their ceremony just the right touch.

 KellyandBrandon380 KellyandBrandon385 KellyandBrandon390


KellyandBrandon526 KellyandBrandon576


KellyandBrandon628 KellyandBrandon626 KellyandBrandon621 KellyandBrandon634

KellyandBrandon753 KellyandBrandon763 KellyandBrandon759



The Love Birds!


Additional Vendors:

Catering: Personal Touch Dining

DJ: Sage Productions

Videography: Black Shutter Media




Susan + Chris | A Pop of Color | Leo Carrillo Ranch

To compliment the natural beauty of the Ranch, Susan and Chris added a pop of color for their special day! The different color palettes from the reception down to the bridesmaid’s dresses paired up perfectly. Here are some of our favorite photos that the talented True Photography captured.





0056Susan_Chris0032Susan_Chris0129Susan_Chris0123Susan_Chris0097Susan_ChrisFor their “sweet” ending, Susan and Chris incorporated a cobbler cutting. Clever!0098Susan_Chris


Additional Vendors:

Catering: Personal Touch Dining

DJ: The Groove

Photobooth: Starlight Photobooth


KC + Catherine | A Bright Celebraton | Leo Carrillo Ranch

Catherine and KC’s wedding was a bright day filled with laughter and good times. They really wanted their guests to have an amazing time celebrating, and it turned out to be a really fun night! Here are some of our favorite photos from that night by Wilbur Studios.

Meston-76-L Meston-84-L

We love that this couple stayed within the peacock hues for their color palette. The whole bridal party looked right at home on the Ranch!







The décor for the wedding was kept simple, but still had that perfect pop of color. Guests were able to admire the natural beauty of the Ranch while still feeling some sense of the fun couple.




And to really give their guests a treat, they had some casino tables set up so guests could have a blast between eating, dancing, and celebrating!


Leesa + Devin | Brunch Wedding | Leo Carrillo Ranch

Here are some lovely photos by Joey Fandel, who did a wonderful job capturing Leesa and Devin’s special day.

The couple’s theme, “Love is Brewing” was apparent throughout the day, complete with a coffee pour during the wedding ceremony and coffee & donuts available to guests upon arrival.





The bride’s aunt designed the ceremony site with large, paper flowers and a gorgeous hanging “dreamcatcher” wreath.  _MG_6458

The bride and groom took photos all throughout the venue.





Each table centerpiece was unique with bright colors, just like the bride’s bouquet.

Lauren + Mike | Contemporary Meets Rustic Wedding | Leo Carrillo Ranch

We are in LOVE with these photos by Vafa Photography.

Lauren and Mike gathered their friends and family, complete with gorgeous florals by Haystack Floral for a beautiful ceremony and reception Leo Carrillo Ranch.





The ceremony space was kept very simple, with just a touch of greenery and décor at the end of the aisle.



The couple chose to pair ghost chairs with their head table, creating a contemporary yet rustic look that we just adore.




We LOVE how this couple’s donut bar turned out. It is the perfect dessert station for guests to enjoy after dinner and it looks super cute!



Jordan with Sage Pro DJ showed guests (and the Bride :)) a great time on the dancefloor.