The Creative Details

Adding calligraphy to your wedding seems like a small addition, yet can be used on so many gorgeous products to add a special style to your wedding. Calligraphy may be out of your budget but they can help make your wedding design unique for you. We are so proud to call Samantha Louise one of our vendors because of her amazing talents, especially calligraphy.  Samantha Louise Moments does full service planning & design, partial planning, and also styling & more! We love her calligraphy because it is so elegant and simple, & creates a lovely design for the event. Calligraphy can be added to invitations, table assignments, place cards, and any type of sign you want to look beautiful. She has a real passion for what she does, which is really amazing in this industry. She will take your idea and run with it in exciting ways. Funky fonts or modern calligraphy, she is happy to create anything you desire! Samantha Louise Moments is simply amazing at what she does.

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Heidi & Steven – 10.30.15

October 30, 2015 was Heidi and Steven’s BIG day! They were married at our lovely venue of Leo Carrillo Ranch on a beautiful day. Heather Elise captured great photos giving them a memory to hold on to for a lifetime. The ceremony was gorgeous and especially fun! It ran so smoothly thanks to Personal Touch Dining and the great attitude of all Heidi and Steven’s friends and family. We are so excited for the couple!

Other Vendors to Note: Black Tie Productions, Pixster Photobooth

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An Elegant Wedding- Bethany & Todd

Bethany and Todd celebrated a new beginning at our lovely location of Leo Carrillo Ranch on October 9, 2015. This beautifully natural and elegant wedding was so amazing to watch unfold. There were so many great vendors including the amazing photographer, Megan from Studio Castillero.  We are so excited we had the opportunity to be a part of this wedding that brought so many family and friends together on a beautiful day.  DJ Allen Walker created such a fun filled environment with loads of laughs and happiness! Congratulations to Bethany and Todd!!

Other Vendors to Note: Day of Coordinator, Personal Touch Dining



Laura & Kory Tied the Knot!

On a beautiful day in November, Laura and Kory celebrated their matrimony at our very own Leo Carrillo Ranch! This wedding was absolutely gorgeous and Cami Jane Photography could not have captured it any lovelier. Samantha Louise Moments coordinated an unbelievably perfect day for the couple with lovely colors and designs. The unique ideas that were brought to this big day made for an unforgettable experience. We are so excited for Laura and Kory and are so happy we got to be apart of this special moment in time!

Other Amazing Vendors to Note: Florist The Dainty Lion

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Mark Your Calendars!

We were featured on Ceremony Magazine for our 2016 Wedding Panel! It’s not too late to sign up for an amazing night with a panel that will teach you everything you need to know about planning your wedding. Come join us while eating great food and learning from the best of the best! Don’t forget to mark your calendars for January, 21, 2016 at 6 PM.

Sign up HERE !!



Brianne & German- Bringing Traditions to a Ceremony

On September 26, 2015, Brianne and German created an absolutely gorgeous wedding at our very own Leo Carrillo Ranch. With the help of many talented vendors and creative minds, the wedding was designed to inter-mix two very amazing heritages. The fabulous Anna Delores Photography captured everything perfectly and we could not be any more excited! Brianne looked stunning with the help of Haydee and Dorieanne, with hair and makeup. Unique Inspirations put together amazing arrangements of dark red and yellow flowers.  By creating an exquisite Mexican-American theme, Brianne said her vows in Spanish which made the moment even more special for the couple. Coastyle Events contributed to the theme by adding lots of special details, like ceramic plates and a mariachi band. To top the night off, DJ Ansom Productions played great music that got the friends and family on their feet!

Other Vendors to note:  Mariachi Continental de San Diego

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San Diego Wedding Panel!

Thursday, January 21, 2016, Personal Touch Dining is putting on an event in our warehouse that you don’t want to miss! We have six panel members talking about weddings and everything having to do with them. DJ’s, Florists, Wedding Planners, Caterers, Dress Shops, Photographers, Event Designers, and much more!! Some of our favorite guests will be attending including our very own Tracy Zemke from Personal Touch Dining. We also have Ashley and Jillian from Coastyle Events  & Kimberly Blois owner of The Dainty Lion. If you are looking for a great photographer, Walter Wilson will be joining the panel! Come join us and get great advice and ideas for future wedding and events while enjoying music provided by DJ Artistic!

more information click here!


Alison and Matt Tie the Knot!

On October 23, 2015 Alison and Matt created one of the most gorgeous wedding we have seen at our lovely venue, Leo Carrillo Ranch. The creativity Alison put into her dream wedding was exquisite. Samantha Louise Moments took every idea Alison had and made it all come to life. It was truly an amazing thing to watch and Aaron Willcox captured every moment. Friends and family members from all over came to help celebrate this festive and exciting wedding with their Mexican Sodas in hand. There were so many special moments during this ceremony, especially the cake cutting with Matt’s Marine Sword.  DJ Sage created such a fun and memorable night for the two with great music and dancing. Everything simply fell into place, we are so excited for Alison and Matt!

Other Vendors to Note: Personal Touch Dining, The Dainty Lion 0001-Alison-Matt 0002-Alison-Matt 0018-Alison-Matt 0024-Alison-Matt 0034-Alison-Matt 0044-Alison-Matt 0064-Alison-Matt 0094-Alison-Matt 0140-Alison-Matt 0175-Alison-Matt 0180-Alison-Matt 0191-Alison-Matt 0311-Alison-Matt 0485-Alison-Matt 0491-Alison-Matt 0496-Alison-Matt 0554-Alison-Matt

Two-Piece Gown: Trends

In order to fit in to the rustic, bohemian style some of these venues have to offer, brides are changing up the wedding norms and stepping outside their comfort zones. In many different ways this has become apparent, like flower arrangements and lawn games, but the most appealing style to us right now is the two-piece wedding gown set, ESPECIALLY lace. This is mostly seen at a more casual wedding ceremony, like on the beach, but now brides are getting very creative.The two-piece set is absolutely gorgeous and could be just as ravishing as any normal wedding gown if you chose the right brand. You can never go wrong with lace and Free People has many lovely lace sets. This trend is a great change of pace for a ordinary wedding ceremony, it brings excitement to the guest’s eyes as the bride walks down the aisle! This bohemian feel is very elegant but brings style to the ceremony. Every bride wants “all eyes on her” and if your someone who wants to push it to the limit, a delicate, lace, two-piece set is the best way to do it !!

Featured Brands and Photos: Free People, PinterestRiki Dalal  

2peice Riki-Dalal-Wedding-Dress-1 two piece twopiece couple

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#Hashtag: Trends

What is something you simply cannot forgot to do before your wedding day? Check with your vendors? Pack for your honeymoon? Try on your dress? NOPE.  Create the infamous hashtag!!

Creating a hashtag for your wedding day is very important. By including your hashtag in your post, it gives your guests, and others that did not attend, a chance to look at all of the pictures that were uploaded.  This has been a trend for a while now but the new entertaining thing to do is to create a more versatile hashtag; more than just #weregettingmarried. People are going ALL out for this! There are even “hashtag generators” so you can type in the name of the bride and groom and even the wedding date, and wala you have your own personal hashtag that is cute, fun, and catchy.

If you wanted to think of one on your own there are many ways to do it. One simple way to do it is find something that rhymes with the groom’s last name and add a wedding word like “hitched” “love” etc. It will then be catchy and easy to find on Instagram or even Twitter. It is your chance to get creative!

This is something that is really booming in the wedding world and is a fun way to get everyone involved. Thinking of the perfect hashtag is definitely not easy, but once you have it, it will make for the perfect caption on your wedding day. Featured Photos: Pop Sugar, Pinterest

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